Tap into Thousands of Potential New Customers

Imagine if you could put your business in front of 500 Million people. If even 0.001 of those people took interest in your brand you would have bagged yourself 50,000 potential new customers. Sound like something that might be useful to the marketing efforts of your business? Allow me to introduce facebook – Just one part of the worlds new social communication super highways, an area more commonly known as “Social Media”.

Regardless of whether you personally do or do not use social media to stay in touch with friends, old flames, business culture, other interests etc – The business potential of social media is undeniable. Social media facilitates communication between individuals and groups on an epic scale. The key to tapping into social media for business purposes and profitable gain, is to place YOUR business at the very centre of this activity.

So how do you take part of this marketing opportunity? Of course “Social Media Strategy” has its own intricacies – however the concepts match some of the fundamentals which are mentioned further on our website. Essentially your strategy should reflect the following;

1. Create Your Social Media Presence – Profiles, Business Fan Pages etc

2. Promote a compelling offer through the profile, to the social media community

3. Capture the contact details of the users / friends of your profile by offering them something of high perceived value in return for them connecting with you via the social media site.

4. Implement an automated follow up strategy which delivers value and encourages buyer confidence in your business and in making a purchase.

5. Continue to develop relationship with your new community of prospects by delivering topical value and engaging content – competitions, articles, digital content etc

6. In the midst of the value you deliver, continue to promote your offers, specials, news and events.


When we talk about “Lead Generating” activity, and by that we mean locating and engaging with communities of prospects – Nowhere is it easier to identify and reach these prospects than on the communication super highways of social media sites.

Again if your business isn’t taking advantage of these opportunities – take action today as part of your overall marketing strategy. If you need help or advice, pick up the phone or send an email. I don’t know about your powers of telepathy but mine are a little rusty. :-)