The 3 Rules of Successful Marketing – Well Just 1 Really!

This article is short, sweet and to the point – much like effective marketing messages should be really. The lesson first: Deliver a targeted message, through targeted channels, promoting a targeted offer.

Its about working smarter, not harder – Lets consider the opposite – a blanket message delivered through random, non considered channels, promoting nothing special in particular.

Think about your target prospects, even within your target market think about the different reasons people would need your products and services. Think about where you can find these people in their moment of need. How you can reach them. How you can encourage them to engage in relationship with your business before you even consider asking for the sale. How you can support the prospect in their moment of need by providing advice or some sort of front end compelling offer (see article). How you can communicate the valid reasons of choosing you over any other competitor – Think about how easy it will be to politely ask for the sale once all your targeted work is complete and you now occupy the position of a trusted authority in the mind of your prospect.

Work smarter, not harder – be targeted in everything you do!


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