The Secret to Increasing SALES in Your Business

The secret to increasing sales in your business is to forget about sales and instead focus on relationship. How you manage the process and customer journey from first point of contact with your business to the final sale. People hate being sold to and if the first thing you do is ask for the cash almost before at least saying “Hello, how can we help” – you stand little chance of success.

Instead look at the customer journey and make sure you litter their path with free stuff, solid advice to aid their buying decision, insightful questions that truly help you and them identify what it is they need or want, and compelling offers that differentiate you from the competition.

Sales are the result of relationship, buyer confidence and rapport. Therefore you must look at a way to establish a dialogue with your target prospects at first point of contact. Enter the conversation taking place in their mind during as they are considering making a purchasee. Do this by asking the questions you intuitively know customers in your market ask themselves before “Buying” – Will this model work with this? What size do I need? How long will it last? Is there a guarantee? What’s the best way to finance the purchase? What are the payment options? How does this product compare with that? What evidence is there to support that claim? So on and so forth – You will undoubtedly be clued up as to the questions that are important to your target market.

As part of a complete marketing strategy, having an automated way to facilitate such a journey for your prospects is priceless. Thankfully technology allows you to do just that. The correct mix of a website, auto responder software, squeeze pages and your expertise can make for a powerful marketing strategy capable of converting as many leads as you can throw at it.

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