This Will Make Someone 6 Times More Likely To Buy From You!

How much time and money do you spend trying to source new customers? Lead generation is an important factor in any business. So how would you react if I said I could share a tactic with you that made it 6 times more likely that people would buy from you? Interested?

Answer: Start to market your products and service to past customers! Its that’s simple. Past customers are 6 times more likely to buy from you. That is of course if you delivered a good experience the last time you served them. Its simply to do with reasons of trust, familiarity, and dare I say again RELATIONSHIP!

Furthermore, the marketing time and money you put into sourcing your now past customers is completely wasted if your service them only once and never attempt to market to them again. Another interesteing thought is that if you could encourage all of your customers this year to purchase just once more from you, just once – you effectively double your turnover for the year! – The difference between £50,000 and £100,000, OR £2,000,000 and £4,000,000.

Do you have a database of past customers? Do you have a follow up process to facilitate the systematic marketing to past customers? If your not paying full attention to doing this, you can pretty much guarantee yourself that you are leaving money on the table.

For any help with developing a marketing campaign to re-engage past customers, or a general follow up process to maintain relationship and encourage repeat business – get in touch via email or telephone.