What the FECO? – An Offer You Cant Refuse!

You have almost definitely come across these examples yourself. Open any publication which contains 2 or more ads for similar services or products and you will find marketing materials which fail to differentiate the businesses they promote.

One ad might read “Cheap Car Hire” and its competitor ad reads “Car Hire at Cheap Rates”. Whatever your personal opinions are on the unique selling point of being cheap, there’s something else that deserves our attention here – That is the complete lack of creativity within this example – sadly the majority of marketing conducted in business is the same.

So what the FECO’s going on? – Its so unfortunate how many business fail in differentiating themselves from the market in anyway at all. If businesses X,Y and Z all offer the same services for very similar prices why should anyone choose one business over another?

The easy answer is to develop a creative strategy which results in the creation of one or a number of “Front End Compelling Offers” or FECO’s!

A front end compelling offer is just that – its self explanatory. It should absolutely employ risk reversal tactics and may very well operate as a loss leader – or just be something that is of low cost (or FREE) to you but of high perceived value to your target prospects.

Give something away for free, or deliver extreme value in some way as a reason to establish the beginnings of a relationship with your prospects. It not only differentiates you from the rest of your competition but it also gives you an opportunity to enter the mind of your target prospect right in the heat of the buying process (See this article: Forget selling, THIS will get you more customers)

Look at your marketing messages – do they give prospects a specific reason to choose you over a competitor? – and I don’t mean because you promise the best service or the cheapest prices. Do you give prospects a reason right now to engage with your business on a no obligation basis – that is in their best interests to do so?

Task: Create a front end compelling offer that achieves this as part of your marketing strategy and which smoothly feeds into your follow up process.

As expected if you want help applying these principles to your business, reach out – telephone or email – I will always do my best to respond.