Where Do Your Customers Hang Out Online?

The Internet presents some fantastic opportunities and channels through which to market your business. Nicely put, the goal is to “Locate and engage with communities of potential prospects”. Take a look at the following online channels through which you can reach your target market in their thousands! Consider the application from the perspective of the marketing strategy of your business;

Social Media Websites

As discussed in another article on our website social media sites have become the new communication centres of the 21st century. The goal is to place your brand or business at the centre of this communication and encourage people to engage with your brand. For more detail on how to do this see this article on social media.

Pay Per Click

The goal with PPC is to create profitable campaigns. Anybody can run a PPC campaign using Google Adwords or a similar provider, however the real skill lies in making your campaign profitable. Profitable campaigns are the results of solid initial keyword research, optimised landing pages, targeted offers and robust follow up processes. Its also important to monitor and tweak your campaign to get the best return on your budgeted investment with PPC.

Forum Marketing

Forums are another great example of how the web facilitates and encourages conversation. Forum marketing can involve posting high value content on web forums specific to your niche or market. Also, forums targeted towards your market are a great place to advertise using banners and text ads.

There are many more channels through which you can reach your target market online. However you reach out to your prospects, ensure its systematised and ensure you are tracking your marketing activity so you know what works and what needs tweaking.

As part of your overall strategy, list the places your target prospects are likely to be found in numbers both on and offline. Reach out to these prospects using a compelling offer and feed them into your sales funnel, converting them from prospects into customers.

As always if you would like to discuss further any of the concepts on our website and how you can apply them to your business, feel free to get in touch for a chat.